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There is something inviting about a big ol' southern porch, wrapped around an old plantation style house with a swing hanging perfectly on the corner.  It's a place for summer dinners outside, watching the kids catch fireflies, enjoying a glass of wine with the neighbors.  Sitting back and having a cup of coffee while listening to the sound of boats coming across the river.....or the smell of fresh cut grass by your early bird neighbor that gets his lawnmower out before the chickens are even up. 

Although I travel often, I have always called North Carolina home.  While I appreciate so much about different places in the world, the south will always have a special place in my heart.  There is a peace about life at a slower pace, taking a walk on the beach, or a Sunday drive for no reason other than to explore and spend time with the ones you love.  

I created The Pamlico Porch, with the idea of enjoying dear friends and good food on a big southern porch on the Pamlico Sound in North Carolina - and the happiness it brings me.  I want to share my love of North Carolina, the south, all of it's wonderful history, places, and people.  The Pamlico Porch will introduce you to people who have made a difference, places that are hidden little treasures, the perfect restaurants and towns, and will bring you back in time to enjoy our rich history and traditions!  

So if you love your linens monogrammed and the idea of spending a weekend in a historic Bed and Breakfast excites you, you have come to the right place, so pour yourself a glass of iced tea and enjoy The Pamlico Porch! 

LeAnne Carey